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We provide quality and low-cost avionics repairs.
Our own capabilities allow us to provide avionics repairs certified only by the Ukrainian Part 145 rules but our net of US and EU partners allow us to complete avionics repairs approved by FAA or EASA. Please, apply to your local national aviation authorities for an acceptance of maintenance provided under Ukrainian Part 145 regulations.

Rely on the professionals! We will make our best to help you and will offer all possible solutions and options.

We can provide exchange of your unserviceable unit for serviceable one with identical part number.

The exchange service is very actual for airlines, operators and owners where delay (demurrage) or aircraft is unacceptable or unallowable.
The procedure of exchange is very simple:

  • you transfer a deposit in amount of 100% serviceable unit price,
  • we deliver serviceable unit to you in the shortest terms to any point of the world you want,
  • you deliver your unserviceable unit after replacement within 20 days to the address we will mention,
  • you receive your deposit back minus charges for repair of unserviceable core unit.

Please, be advised that we provide exchange service only for units:

  • with identical part numbers (P/N),
  • with undamaged seals of the original manufacturer or repair stations certified by FAA, EASA and Ukranian NAA,
  • without obvious defects of the chassis (body).
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