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FliteCharts on GPSMAP 696
Typical Charts

FliteCharts resemble the paper version of National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) terminal procedures charts.

FliteCharts is a Garmin’s charting product which is factory preloaded in the GPSMAP 695/696 and aera 795/796.

The charts are displayed with high-resolution and in color for applicable charts.

FliteCharts database includes:

  • Arrivals (STAR)
  • Departure Procedures (DP)
  • Approaches
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Takeoff Minimums
  • Alternate Minimums

The GPSMAP 695/696 and aera 796/795 are also capable of using the ChartView powered by Jeppesen. This does require the purchasing of an unlock key for the specific GPS through an account at flyGarmin.com. After purchasing the unlock key it is downloaded to an SD card and then placed in the GPS SD card slot. The Jeppesen plates also have the geo-referencing feature and are downloaded from Jeppesen to an SD card.