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New TCAS logic would definitely bring significant safety benefits... − such conclusion was made by ICAO investigations that has issued the new requirements for forward fit (from 1 January 2014) and retrofit (by 1 January 2017) of aircraft ACAS installations with an upgraded collision avoidance logic known as TCAS Version 7.1 (Amendment 85 to Annex 10, Volume IV). Similar deadlines were set by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in the Operational Directive No. ED-02-15. The European Commission has published Regulation No. 1332/2011 mandating the carriage of ACAS II version 7.1 within European Union airspace from 1 December 2015 by all civil aircraft.

For any aircraft to upgrade TCAS to software version 7.1 means nothing more than modification, i.e. type design change. In order to bring the aircraft in compliance with the requirements of the directive it is necessary to:
  • replace TCAS processor with SW version 7.0 by a similar unit with SW version 7.1,
  • amend aircraft flight and maintenance manuals,
  • provide pilots training with TCAS version 7.1 features.

All information needed for pilots training regarding TCAS version 7.1 is listed below.

We provide complex services to our clients to upgrade TCAS to version 7.1:

  • TCAS processor modification, replacement or/and rent (lease) i.a.w. the table below,
  • documents approved by the Ukrainian Aviation Authorities,
  • necessary tools, equipment, materials and personnel,
  • consulting, technical support and assistance.
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Manufacturer System TCAS Processor Change 7.0 TCAS Processor Change 7.1 A/C Types
ACSS logo.png TCAS 2000 RT 950 7517900-100XX RT 950 7517900-10020 Ан-12, Ан-74, Ан-124, Dornier 328-300, Embraer ERJ-190-100 LR/STD, ERJ-145 EP/EU/LR
RT 951 7517900-550XX RT 951 7517900-55020 Ан-148-100B
TCAS II RT 910 4066010-904
RT 910 4066010-914 Boeing 737-500, Embraer ERJ-145 EP/EU/LR
Honeywell logo.png CAS-67A TPU-67A 066-01146-1211 TPU-67B 066-01146-2221 Ан-12, Ан-24, Ан-26, Ил-76ТД, Як-40, Л-410, Ми-8МТВ-1, Cessna 560 XL, Cessna Model 680
CAS-81A TPA-81A 066-50000-2XXX TPA-100B Note [1] Airbus A319-115, A320-2XX, A321-2X1, A330-223, SAAB 340
CAS-100 TPA-100A 940-0300-001
TPA-100B 940-0351-001
RockwellCollins logo.png TCAS-94 TTR-920 622-8971-022 TTR-921
Note [2] DC-9-83 (MD-83)
TTR-921 822-1293-002 TTR-921 822-1293-033 Ан-12, Ан-24, Ан-26, Ан-140, Ан-32, Airbus A320-2XX, Boeing 737-Х00, Boeing 767-300, CL-600-2B19, DC-9-82 (MD-82), DC-9-83 (MD-83), Learjet 60, Dassault Mystere Falcon 20/50, SAAB 340
TCAS-4000 TTR-4000 822-1294-002 TTR-4000 822-1294-032 Як-40, Hawker Beechcraft 390 (Premier IA), Gulfstream G200, Hawker Beechcraft 390 (Premier IA)
  1. Aircraft equipped with CAS-81A systems require replacement of TPA-81A by TPA-100B processor.
  2. The TTR-920 is not upgradable to Change 7.1. Aircraft equipped with TTR-920 processor require replacement of TTR-920 by TTR-921 or TTR-2100 processor, minor wiring changes and new connector kit should be installed. We can provide necessary tools and equipment, test set for TCAS check, materials and staff. The customer issues Engineering Order and final CRS (maintenance level is line).

Caution! The factors listed below may lead to higher prices for upgrade of your TCAS processor:

  • if the unit is unserviceable, has hidden defects, broken seals or repaired in organizations that are not authorized by the OEM,
  • lack of data about the history of the unit (FAA Form 8130 or EASA FORM 1),
  • if mandatory service bulletins are still not implemented.
Documents approved by the Ukrainian NAA include:
  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC),
  • Flight Manual Supplement,
  • Maintenance Manual Supplement,
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) Supplement,
  • Service Bulletin or Service Letter with instructions to perform maintenance by the Part 145 or Part M Subpart F organization (level of maintenance is line).

Onboard TCAS checks (ground test) should be performed for a first aircraft in the Approved Model List. We can provide necessary tools and equipment, test set for TCAS check, materials and staff. The customer issues Engineering Order and final CRS.

Attention to the organizations that would prefer to use the services of foreign companies!

According to paragraph 2 of article 11 of the Air Code of Ukraine (doc. reference No. 3393-VI, revision 11.08.2013) "Aviation Rules of Ukraine must be observed by all legal and natural persons in Ukraine and by entities of aviation activities of Ukraine outside its territory."

According to the Rules Part-145 (Ministry of Transportation and Communication of Ukraine Order No. 209, revision 07.10.2011), paragraph 145.A.45(a), any organisation maintaining an aircraft "shall use only applicable current maintenance data in the performance of maintenance including modifications and repairs" and paragraph 145.A.45(b)(1) "applicable maintenance data is: 1) any applicable requirements, procedures, operational directives or information issued by the authority responsible for supervision of the aircraft."

According to the paragraph 2 of article 39 of the Air Code of Ukraine and the Resolution No. 520 issued on October 8, 2014 by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine is the authority responsible for supervision the airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft listed in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of Ukraine, so the relevant maintenance data must be approved by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine.

So any change to type design (including STC) approved by other competent authority shall be validated by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine under Aviation Rules of Ukraine, Part-21 (Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Order No. 27, 17.01.2014) before performing any maintenance work on the aircraft registered in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of Ukraine.

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Eurocontrol logo.png Overview for pilots regarding TCAS II Version 7.1
TCAS II Overview (including TCAS Version 7.1)
ICAO logo.png ICAO -Pilot training Doc. No. 9863
ICAO - Pilot training Doc. No. 8168 - Attachment A
ICAO Annex 10 , Volume IV, 4th Edition, July 2007
EU logo.png Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1332/2011
FAA logo.png FAA Booklet reagrding TCAS II Version 7.1
Trident logo.png Operational Directive No. ED-02-15 issued by the Ukrainian NAA