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DOA Certificate
DOA Certificate - Appendix (Terms of Approval) - Page 1
DOA Certificate - Appendix (Terms of Approval) - Page 2

Design Organization Approval Certificate No. UA.21J.0015

Date of issue: 28.12.2015

Date of latest issue of Appendix (Terms of Approval): 21.05.2019

Authority: State Aviation Administration of Ukraine

1. Scope of approval

This Design Organisation Approval has been granted for:
- designing changes to type design of aircraft in accordance with the requirements of recognized aviation regulations and environmental protection in the following areas:

• installation of avionics;
• structure;
• electrical systems;
• cabin interiors;

- demonstrating and verifying the compliance with the applicable type-certification basis and environmental protection requirements;
- demonstrating this compliance to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

2. Categories of products
Large and small aeroplanes, large and small rotorcraft

3. List of products
Not applicable

4. Privileges

4.1. The holder of this design organisation approval shall be entitled to perform design activities under АRU 21 (Part-21), Section A, Subpart J and within its scope of approval.
4.2. The holder of this design organisation approval shall be entitled, within its terms of approval and under the relevant procedures of the design assurance system:
1) to classify changes to type design as 'major' or 'minor';
2) to approve minor changes to type design;
3) to issue information or instructions containing the following statement: 'The technical content of this document is approved under the authority of DOA ref. UA.21J.0015'.
4) to approve minor changes to the Aircraft Flight Manual and Supplements, and issue such changes containing the following statement: 'Revision No [YY] to AFM (or supplement) ref. [ZZ], is approved under the authority of DOA ref. UA.21J.0015'.

5. Limitations

1. Changes to type design specified in paragraph 1 are related to data specified in paragraph 1.5 of AS-DOH-01.
2. The privilege as per paragraph 4.2(4) hereinabove is limited only to the AFM Supplements associated with minor changes to type design and revisions to the AFM Supplements issued by the DOA.

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