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We are opened for your offers to buy-out or rent (lease) your equipment.

Do not let your avionics to lie and collect dust without any profit. We will force to work it and will find a new owner or tenant for your equipment. It would be more fast and easier for us to do that then for you due to our wide customer’s net and own projects.

Let’s join to our avionics pool and share your equipment with our storage.

To keep your equipment in serviceable and marketable condition we will perform its diagnostics (bench testing) and adjustment (if needed), sealing, packing and will issue a certificate Form 1 for free of charge in case you leave your equipment for no less than 60 days at our facilities or until we find a tenant (leaseholder) or a new owner for it.

We guarantee secure storing of your equipment at our facilities with full compliance to all stock conditions and storage requirements.

Email phone button.png You can send your offers right now!
by fax, e-mail or using the Quick Inquiry Form.

Don’t forget to mention following information in your offer:

  • unit name (e.g., ATC tranponder TDR-94D)
  • part number (P/N)
  • serial number (S/N)
  • condition – NEW, SV/OH, defective (unserviceable), unknown
  • location (shipping from address)
  • availability of FAA Form 8130-3 or EASA Form 1
  • your price bid and payment terms

Note! Please, do not send offers for avionics of Russian manufacturers, our company is not specialized on that.